Petits Maux /Petits Mots

Lesson 1

Good Morning! I’m feeling great and grateful for it! And you?

Some of us take it so fore granted that we are alive and possibly-well. The latter is not always the case. Whilst I have every sympathy for those burdened with temporary or permanent physical problems , I think we must spare a thought for  sufferers of  ‘petits maux ‘. Allergy  sufferers, migraine bearers etc are not always as evident as those with  physical defects. Their misery is multiplied when they are not commiserated with.

Yet we must bear up and realise that time is too precious to waste.

Believe it or not the term ‘Petits maux ‘(little ills) rhymes with ‘Petits Mots’ (Small words).If you’re bored, you may want to learn or improve a language. How about French?  I will be adding French notes to the blog I have just started on!byAngieAndrews

However, you must bear with me because I am in the process of writing some books.

If you are in a hurry to learn French, you may want to contact me

See you there!

Angie Andrews


About angeleannandrews

I am Anglo Maltese and live in Surrey with my husband and son. I have been teaching languages for almost 30 years. Having been trained in Anthropology, I have social issues at heart. When I was nearing 50, I wished to use my talents to make money for charity. I have created 50 photo-poems which will be featuring on this site. If you wish to encourage my effort, please give a small donation to ShelterBox after reading my poems. Many people are out there actually tackling the world's problems. We may not be able to join them but every little helps.Thanks a million! Angie
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