Madame La Vache

Lesson 3


La Douane= The Customs

It is important to learn how to answer basic questions.

Comment vous appelez-vous? means  “What is your name?’

We answer by saying ‘Je m’appelle’ which means “My name is”.

We have already seen how ‘Je’ means ‘I’ and ‘ Vous’ means ‘ You’

‘Je m’appelle’ literally means ‘I call myself’=My name is…

‘Vous vous appelez’ means ‘You call yourself’=Your name is…

‘Je suis’ comes from the verb ETRE ‘To be’.

Je suis petit=I am small

Je suis grand=I am big

If Madame La Vache wanted to say “I am small’, she would have said ‘Je suis petite’

If Madame La Vache wanted to say ‘I am big’, she would have said ‘Je suis grande’

instead she wishes to say ‘I am old’.

‘Old’ in French is ‘ Vieux’ in front of masculine singular nouns and ‘vieille’ in front of feminine singular ouns.

‘Je suis vieille’=I am old

Madame La Vache gives other bits of information about herself using ‘Je suis’

Can you spot all the phrases where she uses’ Je suis’?

In turn the customs officer uses ‘You are’ ‘vous êtes’

You should really learn the first person singular ‘Je’ and the second person plural ‘vous’ of the verbs ETRE and AVOIR. They are very useful.

Also useful is the expression C’est= It is

‘Ce sont’ is the plural of ‘C’est’ and means ‘They are’.

C’est un enfant=It is a child

Ce sont des enfants=They children

C’est une vache=It is a cow

Ce sont des veaux=They are calves

We will learn more next lesson.


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