Present Tense Regular VERBS

Lesson 9: Present Tense VERBS

The good news: Regular verbs

For practical purposes you have been introduced to a few irregular verbs eg.
Etre=To be
Avoir= To have
Voir= To see

You saw that you would have to learn the verb by rote to use it properly,
However, if you learn the endings for the 3 groups of regular verbs in the present tense, you will find that you will quickly be able to form correct sentences.

There are 3 main groups of verbs in French: ER, IR and RE verbs

All you need to do is to remove the ending eg. ER from the infinitive (verb title)
and add the following endings:

ER verbs

Parler=to speak
Je parle=I speak
Tu parles=You speak
Il parle=He speaks
Nous parlons=We speak
Vous parlez=You speak
Ils parlent=They speak

Je parle=I speak / I am speaking


Choisir=To choose
Je choisis
Tu choisis
Il choisit
Nous choisissons
Vous choisissez
Ils choisissent


Rendre=To give back
Je rends
Tu rends
Il rend
Nous rendons
Vous rendez
Ils rendent

You must remember to take off the Ir and add the whole ending
Ie. Nous choisissons NOT nous choissons

Parler=To speak
Regarder=To look at
Attendre=To wait for
Entendre=To hear
Finir=To finish
Saisir=To grab

Try conjugating these verbs now:

Nous parl—
Tu regard–
Vous entend–
Nous chois——
Ils sais——


Nous parlons=We speak
Tu regardes=You look at
J’attends=I wait
Vous entendez=You hear
Nous choisissons=We choose
Ils saisissent=They grab

Make sure you remember that the verb must agree with the subject:

They wash the dog=Ils lavent le chien
She amuses the children=Elle amuse les enfants
The children amuse the baby=Les enfants amusent le bébé.

How did you do? You will be so pleased to know that most verbs are regular.
Next lesson we will be looking at regular Reflexive verbs so that you will know how to say that you wash yourself, you amuse youself etc.


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