Lesson 10 Adjectives

So in the last lesson we had a look at Reflexive verbs. Now you know how to say you that you get up:
‘Je me lève’ and you know how to say you got up:
Je me suis levé(e).
Look at the heron in the photo. Il s’est levé=He got up. L’héron s’est levé=The heron got up.
How can we describe the heron?
He is tall=Il est grand
He is beautiful=Il est beau.
Note though that whilst ‘grand’ is a regular adjective,”beau’ is not.
Regular adjectives are easy:
Il est petit
Elle est petite (we add a ‘e’)
Ils sont petits( we add an ‘s’)
Elles sont petites (we add ‘es’ to form the feminine plural)
E for feminine
S for plural
ES Feminine Plural

As we go along though , we need to be learning the adjectives which are common but irregular:


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