English Poetry Books

Now I invite you to have a little break from French and to enjoy some poems in English. Here are the first 15 fifteen pages of my poetry book ‘FIFTY’:
If English is not your forte or it is your second language, you may wish to do the exercises suggested to help you expand your vocabulary in my book
ONE BEAT which is based on FIFTY:
A CD to accompany the books FIFTY and ONE BEAT is now available free of charge to anyone who buys the books on-line.
A copy of the receipt is to be mailed  to angieannandrews@gmail.com
and  you will receive a link to the audio file. You will also receive the CD if you
send your address with the receipt.
The poems have been read by talented voice actors.
Over the next few weeks I will be uploading some of the tracks on this blog. Stay posted and I do hope you will enjoy listening.
And yes, you’ve guessed it. I’ve also written a French book which will appear shortly.
If you enjoy my books , do go to the Creative Writing Section of my web-site http://www.languagechoices.com  where you will see another of my books, ‘Journeying On’ which is a photo-poetry book.
There is also a photo gallery where you can buy original cards for every taste and occasion.
Thank you for your custom and encouragement!

About angeleannandrews

I am Anglo Maltese and live in Surrey with my husband and son. I have been teaching languages for almost 30 years. Having been trained in Anthropology, I have social issues at heart. When I was nearing 50, I wished to use my talents to make money for charity. I have created 50 photo-poems which will be featuring on this site. If you wish to encourage my effort, please give a small donation to ShelterBox http://www.justgiving.com/user/23773460 after reading my poems. Many people are out there actually tackling the world's problems. We may not be able to join them but every little helps.Thanks a million! Angie
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