Lesson 12 Partitive Articles: How to say ‘ some’ in French

When dealing with plural nouns , we have been referring to ‘ des’ to say ‘some’ in French.
However, ‘ some’ can be translated as:
De la
or even ‘ de’ depending on the context.

Have a look at the words in the photo. Do they give you a clue as to how the word for ‘some’ changes in French?
Let’s go step by step here.
De= Of
De+ Le=Of the.
This takes on the idea of ‘some’.
We eat (some) of the cake= we eat some cake.
De+la=De la
De + l’=De l’
De + les=Des
Consider the word ‘pain’.
Le pain=bread in French
Du pain= Some Bread

La confiture= Jam
De la confiture=Some Jam

L’eau= water
De l’eau= Some water

Here’s some work for you to do now.
Look up the words in the picture. What do they mean?
In the next lesson you will get the translation.
You will even learn when to use ‘ de’ which also means some.



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