Pets vocabulary , plurals and revision of verbs as well as use of Il y a / Voilà

Let us look at plurals again:
Definite articles
Le chiot (m.)=The puppy
Les chiots=The puppies

La coccinelle (f.)= The ladybird
Les coccinelles= The ladybirds

Indefinite articles:
Un chaton= A kitten
Des chatons=Some kittens

Une oie=A goose
Des oies=Some geese

When we wish to say ‘ there is’ or ‘there are’ we are either going to use ‘Voilà’ or ‘Il y a’ depending on whether we are pointing or stating.
There’s the horse!
Voilà le cheval (pointing)
Voilà les chevaux=There are the horses (pointing)
There is a guinea pig on the table=Il y a un cochon d’Inde sur la tableIl y a (statement) There is / There are( statement)
There are horses behind the gate=Il ya des chevaux derrière la barrière (statement)


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