Les couleurs: lesquelles?

So far we have seen how adjectives  agree with nouns in French and how ‘de’ replaces ‘des’ when an adjective is in front of the noun.

Had you figured out which translation had been left out in ‘ Tant de cartes!’ ?

‘There are many beautiful cards’ ?= ‘ Il y a beaucoup de belles cartes.’

Now we have seen many beautiful flowers, but how does one ask ‘ which one’  in French as in ‘ Which one do you prefer?

The answer would depend on the gender of the noun unsurprisingly.

Lequel? / Lesquels?

Laquelle? / Lesquelles

The tree=L’arbre?

Which tree?

Quel arbre? (m.s.)

Which one?


The plural form is ‘ lesquels’ in front of masculine nouns.

J’aime bien les arbres. Lesquels?

I love trees. Which ones?

La fleur=The flower (f.s.)

Les fleurs=The flowers

J’aime la fleur.

I love the flower.


Which one?

Cette fleur-ci?

This flower (here)?

Non. Cette fleur-là?

No. That one (there)

Je préfère cette fleur-ci , la rose.

I prefer this flower, the rose/ pink one.

Which colours can you see in the cards?





In French , adjectives which end in an ‘e’ are invariable. They remain the same in the masculine as well as the feminine.

Le jeune homme, la jeune femme=The young man, the young woman.

It would be the same for colours. Le vase rouge, la plante rouge.

Colours always go after the noun in French as you might have noticed.

Moreover , those colours which end in an ‘e’  just take an ‘s’ in the plural

Les fleurs jaunes= Yellow flowers

Les fleurs oranges. Yes, you guessed that!

Other colours are regular, as in they take an ‘e’ in the feminine singular and an ‘s’ in the plural.

Bleu (m) Bleue (f.)

Bleus (m.s.) Bleues (f.pl.)

Les fleurs bleues

But once again, colours are adjectives and adjectives agree with the noun in French , with some adjectives being irregular.

Blanc (m)-Blanche (f)

Blancs ( m.pl.)-Blanches (f.pl)

les fleurs blanches



Les fleurs violettes.

Je préfère les violettes.

Et vous, lesquelles préférez-vous?


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