Le ménage The housework

Here are some useful phrases for household tasks in French:

Household tasks= Les tâches ménagères

Actionner le lave-linge=To put on the washing machine

Vider le lave-vaisselle=To empty the dish washer

Ranger les vêtements et le linge= To sort out the clothes and the linen

Vider les poubelles=To empty the dustbins

Passer l’aspirateur=To do the hoovering

What else can you think of? Try writing down other household tasks in French before having a look at this useful link:


Let’s look at how one uses different tenses to describe what one is doing or what one has done around the house:

Que faites-vous à la maison?

What do you do in the house?

Je fais la vaisselle=I do the washing up

Je faisais la vaisselle=I was doing the washing up

J’ai fait la vaisselle =I did the washing up

J’avais fait la vaisselle=I had done the washing up

Je vais faire la vaisselle=I am going to do the washing up

Je ferai la vaisselle=I will do the washing up

Faire le repassage=To do the ironing

Je vais faire le repassage= I am going to do the ironing

Nettoyer les vitres=To clean the windows

Quand vas-tu nettoyer les vitres? When are you going to clean the glass panes?

Je déteste faire le ménage!

I hate doing housework

J’adore préparer le petit-déjeuner / les repas

I love preparing breakfast/ meals

Nettoyer la moquette=To clean the carpet

And how do you keep your carpets clean? I have found that professional carpet cleaners do make a difference leaving your rugs nice and clean :

A-Difference http://www.a-difference.co.uk/services#rug

Les moquettes sont propres.= The rugs are clean!

Vive la difference!

And if you’re doing it all yourself, you might want to plan your week accordingly:


Bon courage!


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