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Conditional Tense/ Subjunctive Tense/ Prepositions/ Piaf/ Moustaki

Learn more advanced French by practising the Conditional tense as well as the Subjunctive. Listen to French songs by Piaf and Moustaki to strengthen different tenses. Explore a wealth of good French web-sites at your finger tips. Conditional Tense practice: … Continue reading

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French vocab: body parts and aches

Body Parts French vocab. Structure with au, à la, à l’, aux…

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Avoir Mal

How to explain that you have a headache, a toothache… ‘If I have a toothache’ is ‘J’ai mal aux dents’, what do the rest of the phrases in the photo mean? Les oreilles=ears /Les yeux=eyes/ la tête=head

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The Pluperfect Tense

After revising the Perfect Tense, The Pluperfect tense should be easy as it follows the same rules. Only, we are referring to an earlier period in life: J’ai regardé un film=I watched ( have watched ) a film. j’avais regardé … Continue reading

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