French AS Orals and Advanced French links

Unsure about how to prepare for your AQA French AS Orals? Make sure you have read and listened to enough French to be able to practise using vocabulary on all four topic areas: Media; Popular Culture; Healthy Living/Lifestyle; Family/Relationships.

The sub-topics are to be found on page 12 of this link:

Go through the above link on which you will find examples of stimulus cards , eg. questions on healthy living /lifestyle as well as Family/Relationships (pgs 7/8 in link).

You will need to know as much vocabulary as possible to understand the questions as well as to be able to give spontaneous answers. That does not mean that you do not have to prepare your answers but it means that you need to answer to the point, naturally and to have a range of phrases at your finger tips. Expect the questions to be open ended, not yes/no question types.

To bear in mind:

In part 1 of your Oral exam, you will only have 2 to 2 1/2 minutes to answer the questions on the stimulus card. Another 2 to 2 1/2 minutes will be taken up in a discussion following on from the formal questions or on the sub-topics in that section. Eg. Popular Culture will incorporate Cinema, Music and Fashion/ trends. 

You will need to be prepared for all 4 topics as you need to spend 3 minutes on each in Part 2 (10 minutes in all). Consider that the first topic will be one you will have chosen so you should be at ease. The other topics will be the remaining 2 not covered in Part 1, nor in your chosen topic as you have undoubtedly been told. In any case, you should really read the following link for yourselves to understand the proceedings:

Vocabulary lists can be found in your text book as well as on web-sites such as

I really do advocate researching your topics on authentic French web-sites as well as educational web-sites:

Heath and Sports:

Rugby Vocab:

Advanced level students and students studying languages at uni could also find it useful to go to links such as the one on the following web-site which can be found in French and English. Topics , such as this one on food and the environment could be seen to be controversial. However, a student can get good French phrasing from it and as he/she goes along will need to make his/her mind about such issues.  Warning: there are some crude animal images in this link which some readers might find upsetting:




And how about reading on about the topics you are learning! Other French speaking countries have a wealth of resources you could tap into too. When researching, use an on-line dictionary. Eg.’fichier’is a file; look up the different expressions associated with it. Increase your vocabulary for all your advanced French studies. The following link is intended for teachers teaching about how media is being used by teenagers in parts of Switzerland.It contains interesting passages which will help you expand your vocabulary on the use of internet etc.Happy reading! file:///Users/angeleandrews/Documents/Fiche_parents_grands_parents_et_medias.pdf


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