Children removed from parents

Society must protect children from harm. However there are parents in Britain today whose children have been removed without their consent. The separation is heartbreaking for parents seeking to be reunited with their children who in turn may suffer the repercussions of separation anxiety.
No one wants to hear of mistreated children but post Baby P, have we gone to the other extreme? View French interviews with British parents:
Angleterre Le Royaume des Enfants Perdus (England The Kingdom of Lost Children)

Post Baby P:
On Forced Fostering and Adoption
We have read of grieving parents
Children taken from the womb
Not by God above or others
But by pen; given a tomb
For a tomb allows no love
Between a parent and a child
Separated by a family court
Whose fears are running wild
Forced adoption is not the answer
Forced adoption is not the way
Parents facing difficulty
Need help in many ways
Where the mother is still willing
To bring up her loving child
Only wickedness would prise
The bridegroom from the bride
Our Services should foster
Loving ways to help the child
The agenda should support
Those who are supposed to guide
Social Services should adopt
Ways to help the grieving mother
Not to prise her child away
To be fostered by another.
Angie Andrews ©2010

Our Social Services exist to help cohesion and probably do a great amount of good in the majority of cases. Yet there are families who feel that their lives have been ripped apart by cruel decisions on the part of those who were supposed to be helping them:
One reads on:


About angeleannandrews

I am Anglo Maltese and live in Surrey with my husband and son. I have been teaching languages for almost 30 years. Having been trained in Anthropology, I have social issues at heart. When I was nearing 50, I wished to use my talents to make money for charity. I have created 50 photo-poems which will be featuring on this site. If you wish to encourage my effort, please give a small donation to ShelterBox after reading my poems. Many people are out there actually tackling the world's problems. We may not be able to join them but every little helps.Thanks a million! Angie
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